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Checklist of Possible Symptoms of Thyroid Dysfunction

If you find you are experiencing the kind of problems
listed below, please seek medical advice.
Depression.. Slurred Speech..
Confusion, Disorientation.. Forgetfulness..
Weeping for no apparent reason.. Sleep Problems..
Restlessness, Agitation.. Heartbeat Sensations..
Rapid or Pounding Pulse.. Eye Problems..
Swelling in your neck.. Consistently High Blood Pressure..
Excessive Thirst.. Fatigue for no apparent reason..
Menstrual Irregularities.. Breast Development - For Men..
Puffy Face, Hands, and/or Feet.. Intolerance of Heat or Cold..
Losing or Gaining Weight.. Noticeable Change in Appetite..
Chronic Constipation or Diarrhea.. Unusually Moist or Dry Skin..
Brittle Hair and/or Nails.. Hair Loss or Thinning eyebrows..
Abnormally dark or light Skin.. Unusually Thick or Thin Skin..
Pale, Flushed, or Patchy Skin.. Chronic Itching..
Unusual Weakness.. Lack of coordination..
Muscle, Bone, and/or Joint Pain.. Tongue Problems..
Hoarseness.. Ear Noise or Hearing Loss..
Thyroid Disease can be an emotional and physical merry-go-round.
If you find you do not feel well, don't dismiss your symptoms..
.. ask your physician about Thyroid Disease !
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