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Where Does Life Go Over Time?
Proof Positive ~ My Goiter Over The Years

Me and my little goiter in 1974 Me and my bigger goiter in 1987 Me and my bigger bigger goiter in March 1996 Me and my 'Birthday Goiter' in July 1996 Finally - Me After RAI - And NO goiter! - May 1998
Age - 22
Age - 35
Age - 43
Age - 44
Age - 45

This page is for the "still doubters" in our midst. You know, the one's who must have the physical proof that something has occured. I have a few of my own personal doubters who still don't get it.

The pictures above show the growth of my goiter over time. The earliest picture I could find that was clear enough to use was in 1974. At that time, it was small - but was present, should anyone taken the time to look. You can see the progressive growth from the earlier years through 1996 - before RAI. In the picture from 1998, a year and a half after RAI, the "swelling" in my neck is gone.

I have been ill with this disease since at least 1974. I can safely estimate that I was suffering before that time. I'm guess-timating that my pregnancy in 1970 is what triggered the onset. But my point is that I have the right to be concerned about what this disease is doing to me. I have the right to be concerned about what my now hypothyroid condition is doing - especially since the right dose of Synthroid is still not found. I have the right to be afraid of what this disease has done, and is doing to me, over time.

I not only have the right, but I should be concerned about and afraid of a disease that can cause permanent damage if left undiagnosed. Does 26 years count as undiagnosed? That would make sense to me!

I'm also afraid that I am finally to a point where I've had it up to here with the "still doubters". I've tried to remain calm about this. I've been polite and patient, but when I'm told that Graves' Disease shouldn't cause health problems, that's one more than I can take. I've had to put my faith in people, and consistently I've been shown more reasons to doubt them than to have faith in their knowledge and ability to understand what Graves' Disease can do.

The medical profession scares the hell out of me for all the people who are running around with this thing and aren't getting treated, or they're getting mistreated.

If any authors come across this page and would be interested in writing a book about this, I can guanantee a best seller. I've only scratched the surface on these pages. I am now ready to tell it all. It really is quite a story from start to finish. The ending won't be where I have to die, like other best sellers, to make a point. I'm too damn mad to die just yet :)

In the meantime, who is willing to share some of their experiences - good and bad about these diseases? Sign my guestbook? Tell your story? Start your own page? Whatever it takes, will you help? Help others - help yourself!

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