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Updates for February 1998
February 15, 1998

Well folks, it's been some time since I wrote you any lo-oo-ve letters here! :) But, you see, the reason for that is some very good news! Actually, the whole story behind this is more like a miracle. Once upon a time in a land far away.. Oh.. wait - that's another story! :)

In the last three weeks, my life has changed so much for the good that it almost feels as if the last two years of my being so very ill was a lie. First, physically, I feel wonderful! I feel strong and I have as much stamina as I had when I was in my my 20's. Second, mentally and emotionally, I have a renewed sense of determination and self-worth that I have not felt in years! My powers of concentration and my thought processes are both strong and steady. You need to understand that this literally happened overnight. I mean I went to bed per ususal on a Saturday night three weeks ago, feeling exhausted and drained - as I have been for almost a year. When I woke the next morning, I was fine - actually - I was feeling better than I can remember feeling in many many years. Just like that! And still like that! With an inner sense that it's going to stay that way.

By that Thursday, I had a job. Just like that. I went in for an interview at 1:00 PM and was told I was hired by 3:00 - and started work the next day. Funny, I went to this new job on Friday morning and just jumped into it as if I had never been out of work. You'd at least think that some of my skills would have shown up a little rusty. But no! It really was as if the two years I spent so ill had never even happened.

I've been on this job just a little over two weeks. Not only am I doing the job I was given, but I'm showing people there how to streamline their systems and have been asked to reorganize some things for them. To top it all off, I've been given the stand-in position of answering their phones - which consists of 65+ extensions and people to remember - as well as the hub of their service and repair calls for over 100 businesses and for hundreds of machines located throughout a large portion of New York State. AND I'm doing it!

To those who haven't experienced the take-aways that this disease has bestowed on us, it would look as if all I'm doing here is bragging. But that's not the case. What I am is in awe that this is even happening and amazed at the speed in which it happened. Even one month ago I could never have attempted to do even a portion of what I'm able to accomplish now. Not just on the job - but in life! All of a sudden I went from being a wreck of a person - literally - to being whole and feeling whole! And having a life again! And having real feelings again instead of feeling as if I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders and had no room left for anything else.

No doubt that this dose of Synthroid, Your Artificial Friend, has finally kicked in and is most likely the right one - which I can now afford to have to the tests taken to find out! But for myself, and for those in the know, we know that it has to be much more than the right meds! Especially if you could see the other things in my life that are turning for the better too! Though I won't be boring all you wonderful people with every facet of my existence, :) I will tell you that my relationships that were on the verge of being severed are working themselves out too. As well as so many of the little things that well people can take for granted.

From the big changes to the small changes - I have my life back - Just Like That! And that, My Dearies, is no less than one of God's miracles. I'm not going to try to get too philosophical here, but I had to say that!

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