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Updates August 2000
August 16, 2000

Well, I have once again been neglectful in keeping this site updated. But I have still been going through a hell of a time so I forgive myself. I do, though, apologize for being lax. i am not going to try to bring everything up to date since I have 7 months of stuff to try to remember ~ of which I can't do such a great job - today or any other day! :)

Have still been going through ups and downs - even with the T-3 - since it's been adjusted a bunch of times. But I will say that even at its worst level, I still feel better with the T-3 added than with just the T-4. Just wish I could get someone to agree to try Armour or similar on me. This still isn't right but it is much better than T-4 alone. Mood swings are much less severe than they were without T-3. Depression is at a nearly all time low. And I have very little symptomatic PMS - including good ol' menstrual cramps! Though I am having "mid-life" hormonal changes (at least I am guessing that's what's going on) that have caused my periods to shift. But then for many years my periods have tried to keep time with the full moon so that also might explain why I get them after only two weeks instead of a "regular" 28=29 day cycle. I really don't know. I can only guess since I am still left to figure this out on my own. My new "wonderful doctor" turned out to be "not as informed as she thinks she is" so I am still stuck with trying to figure out what to do about my "condition" my own.

That really stinks since I've still had to keep paying for this "pre-existing" condition (my insurance won't cover this for a year after my insurance started which now comes into play starting next month) So I've been toughing it out for another year. I still don't know who to see as far as that goes. Seems like I bring out the worst in doctors. Maybe because by the time I see them I am so frustrated that I rub them the wrong way! I know that shouldn't be part of anything - since these "experts" should be able to understand the traumas I go through with this disease, but it looks like I have to learn how to play politics with these people when all I feel like doing is saying something like, "Fix me!"

You dig?

The last couple of days I've been going through the old "Graves' Disease 'Gravel' Eyes" thing ~ Again! Seen people before about this and been told that it's no "Big Deal". I guess it wouldn't be unless you're going through it! Lots of pain. Lots of "pulsating" irritation that runs down both sides of your head (when both eyes are involved). Or just one side when only one eye decides to act up. And complete frustration that there you are, suffering wuth this thing, you have no help, and for many still, little understanding from those around you and especially any doctors who could help if they wanted to, and there you are. Losing work time because you can't see! And then here I am, feeling fortunate, because mine has only lasted two or three days at a time, at least so far! Satan - Get behind me!!!!!!!!!

Below are some pictures, I was fortunate enough to be able to take, of the progression of this "Graves' Disease Gravel Eye" attack - THIS TIME AROUND. Don't know if that is the proper terminology, but an attack is what it feels like! Wish I could have documented the other 'umpteen' attacks!

8-15-00 9:55 AM
Starting out in the morning after a 2:00 AM attack beginning - feeling like my my right eye had several pieces of gravel in it.
8-15-00 9:55 AM"

8-15-00 1:17 PM
Later that day - Watering and pulsating...
8-15-00 1:17 PM

8-15-00 6:07 PM
Feeling a bit better by this time. Had been able to nap for a couple of hours.
8-15-00 6:07 PM

8-15-00 11:07 PM
Feeling a bit worse after trying Allegra - Not such a good idea!!!.
8-15-00 11:07 PM"

8-16-00 5:40 AM
Allegra is wearing off - Tried just ibuprofen _ Feeling a bit better.
8-16-00 5:40 AM

8-16-00 10:10 AM
Slept for a few hours and feeling a bit better but look like someone beat up my face!
8-16-00 10:07 AM

8-16-00 1:17 PM
Still don't look beautiful but I can open my eyes without a lot of pain and I can see once more!
8-16-00 1:17 PM"

Took about 58 hours to see again! If you have any thoughts on this or any comments, please let me know. Til next time... Sue --[--[--@

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