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Updates October 1998
October 13, 1998

Beddy Solly! September completely got away from me before I realized I hadn't done any updates! Well, I am a sick-o, thus I have an excuse for anything anytime I choose! :) Actually, I have been having a difficult time lately. Turns out, when I finally got another temp job and the money to have another thyroid panel done, that my levels were more hyper than they were in March - even with the lower dose. Go figure!! I was so very certain from the way I was feeling that I was on the hypo side. Well, no matter, I still wasn't feeling right. At this point, I am beginning to wonder if I ever will feel good for any prolonged period of time.

Don't get me wrong. I am not feeling extremely awful - just off center. My TSH was down to .30 and my Free T4 was down to 1.4. My "Artificial Friend" dose was lowered to .15 mg about two weeks ago and I think I am finally getting over the adjustment, now I just have to wait to see if this dose will work at this time! Looks like I might be one of "those people" who have to constantly adjust forever. I sure wish there was more that the medical community was doing to figure this dern thang out! But then, don't we all?!? :)

In the meantime, I have my sister Jean watching out for me. She has no problem with letting me know when I don't seem like myself. And telling me - in no uncertain terms - when it is time for a blood test! Even if she has to hound me when it doesn't sink in because my levels are off and I'm not thinking as clearly as I should! She hasn't had to whack me with a stick yet - but if necessary, I don't think she'd have a problem with that either! :) I hope all of you have someone who can watch out for you too. Not a bad idea to get an opinion besides your own - especially if your levels are off! You won't necessarily see it as clearly as someone who can see it from the outside!

So, the addition is nearly 100% complete! We are moved in with only a few odds and ends to finish up - like a place to hang things in the bedroom closet and um.... carpet on the steps. The floors are carpeted but they ran out before they got to the steps. Been waiting 3 weeks for more carpet to come in so they can come back and finish the job. Make note - they DID manage to get the padding AND the tack strip on the steps before they quit! Think about that :) OUCH!

And - the biggie - my new-to-me computer room is well on it's way to completion! Whee! Been waiting a lo-oo-ong time for a room to call my own! For those not in the know - my computer has been crammed in a corner of the teeny weeny diningroom which was also shared with the dishwasher and pots and pans! For awhile it was set up on the diningroom table - lots more space to use it, but every time we had company over for dinner, I had to tear it down to use the table! I finally got smart and replaced the big table with a teeny weeny one so that it couldn't be used for eating anyway :) so at least I didn't have to tear everything apart for company! :) But now I have a computer desk and space to put everything where I can reach it! Happy I am about that! :) Matter of fact - the pute was set up this morning so y'all are the first to read anything that was concocted from my new space!

As far as work is concerned - I did have a short temp job that took the edge off the lack of money situation. Been out on several interviews but nothing "magical" has happened yet to get me hired for the great jobs. Of course, I do keep in mind that when my levels are off, I do not make for a great interview! This I know for a fact. I have to be honest with myself - if I were in the position (which I have been) of selecting the best candidate for the job I, wouldn't necessarily hire myself when I'm like that! :)

Anyhoo - I guess this brings us (well, me at least:) to the end of newsy stuff for now. I was hoping to have a surprise ready for this update but it isn't finished yet. Thought I'd mention it just to tweak your curiosity. Turned out to be much more work than it seemed. Still working on getting pictures for it too! As soon as it's ready - y'all will be the first to know! In the meantime - Hogs and Quiches to everyone!

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