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"Yes, I have had it with my medical treatment.

I feel like I was prodded along an assembly line.  Talk about misdiagnosis,  it went on for years.  Then I was given RAI unnecessarily, when it turned at that tapazole had me absolutely euythroid for years.  I think if I had had a patient advocate, they would have found out if what I got was necessary.  The doctor never requested my records and now I  am miserably hypothyroid.  They cannot find a dose that works correctly.  The doctor who gave me the RAI said hypo was absolutely no problem and can be worked out with no trouble with synthroid.  He never got back to me in time and by then I was almost myxedemic.

I have had so much irresponsible medical care it is unbelievable.  I went to pick up my medication yesterday and the pharmacist gave me double the dose I needed.  I could go on and on.  But yes, I am very suspicious. Does anyone know of a good malpractice attorney?  E-mail with a name, if possible.  This has got to stop."

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