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Personal Stories

Written by
Seow-Ling Ong
I was diagnosed with Graves in January 1999. I didn't know then but I now realize that I have been one of the lucky ones who didn't get misdiagnosed and got help for my thyroid almost immediately. I had finally gone to see the doctor because of my headaches. They were terrible ones; I could hardly get up in the morning and was always late for work" continued.....

Written by
Jocelyn Winkless
"What an opportunity! And just at the right time.
I had RAI in January and was dumped quite literally into the hands of a very green doctor who had just arrived from South Africa.  He was wonderful. He listened, did research and discussed everything with me." continued.....

Written by
"Ahhh where to start ??
6 years ago my menses would not start after I had stopped breast feeding my daughter.. My ob. noticed a lump in my throat when I leaned back and streached... TSH was ordered and my ordeal was to begin...." continued.....

Written by
Robin Yeska - RedBird
"In January, 1995, there was a hepatitis scare at one of the places I worked.  (I had four jobs at the time, which was probably symptomatic in itself!)  I had been feeling pretty lousy for at least a couple of years." continued.....

Written by
"Okay here's my stories:
(1)  In 1992 I got very sick very suddenly.  It was mostly joint and muscle pain, overwhelming fatigue, cognitive dysfunction.  I was off work because I was bedridden with pain.  Okay, a month later a Rheumatologist diagnoses me with Rheumatoid Arthritis and puts me methotrexate,...." continued.....

Written by
Lynn from Toronto
"I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in October of 1995. I had not been feeling real well for a few months (actually longer but did not connect the symptoms) and then one morning I got up and ready for work and was very very agitated." continued.....
(Note: Lynn also has her story at Dianne's Home Page!")

Written by
"Yes, I have had it with my medical treatment.
I feel like I was prodded along an assembly line.  Talk about misdiagnosis,  it went on for years.  Then I was given RAI unnecessarily, when it turned at that tapazole had me absolutely euythroid for years...." continued.....

Written by
"I was sick for years and went to many doctors.  At first I was told I had Rocky Mountain spotted fever, The doctor treated me for 1 year with strong antibiotics and the pills started to take their toll on me and I was not any better, in fact I was worse." continued.....

Written by
Vicki Moose
"I have Hypothyroidism, diagnosed 29 years ago, and diagnosed with Sleep Apnea in 1996 (95% of everyone with Hypothyroidism has Sleep Apnea). I did a lot of research on Sleep apnea and started a Sleep Apnea support group. Now I want to know all I can about Graves Disease." continued.....

Written by
"I am new here, first time at your site tonight. I don't know why anyone would be afraid to speak because they didn't get proper treatment. No one could point them or get them in trouble. If we do not speak out now, we will never be able to do that, it took me a lot of years and cost me a lot, as well as my family." continued.....

Written by
Eileen Gannon
"I found out I was hyperthyroid on July 15, 1998. I have only a very slight swelling of the goiter. I am adrenalized sometimes, and my heart is wired. I took the medication like a "good patient" to lower the TSH. After 1 1/2 months it was dangerously low (then the endocrinologist stopped the medication." continued.....

Written by
Amy Sexton
I am 30 years old and I was just diagnosed with Grave's Disease on May 1, 1998 after fainting at work, 3 weeks before my wedding. Luckily, my internist FINALLY recognized the bulging eyes, rapid heart rate and constant complaints as thyroid disease after going to him with various complaints for about 6 months." continued.....

Written by
Joanna Mora
"I have graves disease, it went so long undiagnosed, I've all most lost my vision. 5/95 first visit to the doc, blurred vision/ I was treated for eye infection/heat intolerant /told my age/ severe/ hand tremors, stress/ emotional basket case told pre-menopausal" continued.....

The writers below were kind enough to let me link to their stories at Dianne's Home Page! These links will open a second window.

Written by
Dianne Nicholas
"After a few years with intermittent "anxiety" symptoms and several physical problems the doctors I consulted passed off as "stress-related" (WHAT STRESS, DOC?), I was diagnosed in June, 1996 with Graves' Disease. Doctors had previously asked if I'd lost weight or had trouble sleeping (NO), and had not checked my thyroid levels." continued.....

Written by
Sheila H
"My Graves' Disease saga began noticeably in May, 1993. My first symptom was itchy, irritated eyes that constantly felt like they were filled with sand. After a couple of weeks of suffering, while assuming it was some kind of pollen allergy causing the irritation, I went to my optometrist" continued.....

Written by
Valerie McAlister
"Hi!  My name is Valerie and I have Graves' Disease.  I am a 51 year old single mom with two absolutely fantastic sons.  Right now, I am 5'3" tall and weigh 130 pounds. In June of 1996, I was 5'3" tall and weighed 218 pounds!" continued.....

Written by
"It is said that Graves' can be triggered by great hormonal changes and stress. That's the case for me. I'm now 33 yrs old and was diagnosed in August after a rough year: daughter developed a seizure disorder in January, preeclampsia, emergency c-section, new baby in April, two surgeries after that, and the airconditioner died in the heat of a Florida summer!! (and cost a mint to replace)" continued.....

Written by
"In September of 1992 I wasn't feeling well so I went to see a GP. I had recently switched to this GP because I decided I'd rather have a female Doctor, my first mistake! She ordered a range of tests, after a few weeks went by I went back to see her again." continued.....

Written by
"In early 1992, I noticed I seemed to be having a number of eye infections. I would go to my local family doctor and he prescribed a steroid type eye drop to relieve the eye infections. The infections kept coming back after I finished the medicine, then we would go through the same process over again." continued.....

Written by
Another "Funny" Eye Story!
"Want to hear another FUNNY eye story?
A woman walks into the ophthalmologist's office and says, "Doc, can you find out what's wrong with my eye? It looks like it's about to fall out on the ground (!), and people are staring." "I'll wait my turn out in the parking lot, even though it's the middle of winter, because it's too hot (!) in your waiting room." continued.....

Written by
Cathy ~ CeeBee
"Greetings from South Carolina!  First a short bio:  Born in Baltimore and raised in Virginia (probably the first person you've ever heard of who spent 12 years in Tappahannock), I've spent the last 18 years in South Carolina." continued.....

Written by

Written by
"It's taken me a long time to write this story, but it was a promise I made to Dianne, so now that you've got my eyes, you may as well know the person behind them... I'm a 48 year old woman, born and raised in California, with all it's diversity...and perversity, I might add." continued.....

If you would be interested in including your story, please e-mail me. Thanks! Sue Rose

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