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Mah Very Special Peoples in the Whole World!
It's Official! I'm a Grandweasel!
Nadia!!!! Nadia!!!! Nadia!!!!
My Widdew Nadia! My Widdew Nadia! My Widdew Nadia!
Gunther!!!! Gunther!!!! Gunther!!!!
Daddy's Little Man! Manly to be Thirsty! My Widdew Gunther!
My Grandferrets! My Grandferrets! My Grandferrets!
Jean! My Kids! Janice and Mom!
Shishtar Jean! Shawn and Lisa! Janice and Mom!
My best friend and Sister! Shawn and Lisa on their honeymoon in "Jamaica, Man!" My Florididian Sister and My Mom
Beth! Mom and Dad! Tim and Cyndi!
My Niece, Beth Mom and Dad Tim and Cyndi!
My Very Special Niece in the whole world!. My Mom and Dad. The only decent photo we have of them. My Nephew and Niecie in Filthydelphia!
My Brother, John!
Brother John!

This pic is my brother on his 18th birthday - a few years ago. Like as in 1974! I have asked him for a more recent photo including the whole family, but did I get it? That was over a year ago! Hey Bro! I've been waiting too long! He has a beautiful family! If only you could see them instead of an 18 year old celebrating his birthday with 151 Rum, really bad home-made posters, a dangly bat, and a frog made of marshmallows (on the plate) that puffs up and explodes when you put it in the microwave!!! Tho he is kind of cute!!

Joan and Her Kids! Jerry and Doris!
Joan and Her Kids Jerry and Doris
My Sister Joan, with son James, and daughters, Michaele, and Patricia. My Brother and Sister-in-Law, Jerry and Doris.
A Sweet Bunch! Dianne and Ken!
What a crew! Dianne and Ken
What a motley crew! My Dad's sister, Aunt Ester, Jean, Janice, and My Mom in 1980. Ain't they beautiful? Dianne and Ken Wiley on their wedding day - July 4, 1998!
Tawna! Howdy Ho!
Tawna Mr. Hanky!
My Friend for a Million Years - Tawna. Met her in 1971! Mr. Hanky, the Christmas Poo! He loves me, and I love you!
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