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Updates September 2001
September 2, 2001

Well then, hopefully ~~~~ this is Hello once more! The latest with me - New Site Location! Why? NBCI shut me down! No notice! No nothing! Tried to update the site a few weeks ago and found out only by accident that it was gone! (How many !!!'s do I need to use to express my frustration at this?) :)

For those who understand website management - you'll get where I'm coming from very quickly. For those who don't - a quick explanation is that - well - if you have found the latest version of this site - especially using a search engine - it has taken me weeks if not months to remedy the situation so that you can find me again. Very upsetting to say the least. I only have over 4 1/2 years of my life invested in this site to have it all taken away in a corporate move. ptpth~~~~~ on NBCI~

Well, I will not keep going on and on and on about that - but had to vent a little. :)

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