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Updates for September 1997
September 17, 1997

Ok.. I have a thought that needs some pondering! What say that even if your endo does not bother to mention that a weight loss could throw off the benefits of your "apparently correct" dose of Synthroid, your artificial friend, could it? Me thinks so! I've been doing very well with the dosage I've been on for four months now. That is, up until about the last week or so. In the last week I have been experiencing what I like to term "hyper-head" as well as some other traditional hyperthyroid symptoms. The last time I tried to guess at hyper vs hypo symptoms, I was proven wrong by the results of the blood tests. But, I would hazzard a guess that this time, due to the weight loss, my medication is more than I need for my body weight. Make sense?

It is at times such as this that I wish I had gone to college and had become a doctor. If I had a degree as well as this disease, a degree with all the fancy schmancy doctorates and add-on thingies, I would be "qualified" to put together a "professional web site" about all this and actually give out "educated" information. I could use my "expertise" and make statements that were controversial and not have to concern myself with "right from wrong" stuff. I would gain notoriety in the medical field and other "professionals" would listen because I had all the right paperwork! And with this notoriety, I could advance the entire medical profession out of the dark-ages of Thyroid Treatment and Management into the 90's where those of us who are ill wouldn't have to suffer while the "People With The Right Paperwork" practiced on us! Well, it IS admittedly still a guessing game, isn't it?

I've finally gotten caught up on answering all the wonderful letters that have been sent to me. Answering some of these letters is one of the hardest things for me to do. Not because I don't care, because I do! But it appalls me how little most understand about these conditions! I understand why! But still, it gets me right in the heart! If we all had doctors who would listen to us and talk with us and answer our questions and explain the ups and the downs of these conditions ~ without reservation ~ you wouldn't have to write to me and ask! It also hurts because I can't do much in the way of sending the explanations you need to alleviate your concerns and fears. Why? Because I don't have the "right paperwork"! I have more knowledge about the "the human factor" than many "professionals" do because I've been there. But if I were to start giving out "Professional Opinion" without the fancy schmancy degrees, all I would be doing is leaving myself open to legalities! Although I do wonder if I might be able to use "hyper-head" like they use temporary insanity! The problem with that analogy, though, is that I speak the truth! It wouldn't surprise me to know just how many "Professionals" I've already affected with my "Un-Professional Opinions"! It doesn't surprise me, either, that I never hear from these "Professionals"!

I must say, though, that not all physicians are like the aforementioned! Some are very caring and dedicated individuals! To those who are, I would like to say, "Thanks!" I just wish all of you were! And I wish those who were, would find a way to make the rest even half as caring as you are! Thyroid conditions are not a joke! We, who have them, know this without question or doubt! We, who have them, understand what I've said quicker that you can say, "Wake up and smell the coffee!"

So, on that note, and while trying to maintain my dignity, :) I will close for this week! Oh! And Happy Official Autumn! Strange it's spelled with that "n" thingy on the end! Good thing it's silent! Else I would be wishing you a "Happy Official Autum-nah"! :)

September 10, 1997

WheW! What a week! Hope you are liking the new look! And to think last week I thought the new IE 4.0 beta2 was more than I could handle! :) Just goes to show you how we can all fall into a paradigm about our capabilities after having had "GDuh" for a long time, eh? It took a little (a lot) of adjusting, but by gosh, I think I have it! :)

OK.. OK.. OK.. Time to do the weigh-in thingy! Hold on while I go discover the truth! Yes! I am getting on the scales now! OK! I'm back! :) hmm.. Still the same from last week ~ 195! But I FEEL lighter! :) I suppose that should count for something! Mebbe I shoulda taken off mah shoes and stuff! :) Well, all I can say is that I am getting "smaller". I know this is true because I fit into some clothes that I couldn't get on last week! Mebbe it's muschle! (Between the ears?:)

Got a call from my brother, Jerry, yesterday. He just got married! Congratulations to the newly-weds! :) Seems he has been experiencing some problems that have the tone of a thyroid disorder. hmmm.. Wonder if the two are connected! hehe, Bro and new Sis! :) He has a doctor's appt. at the end of the month. Will keep you updated! Hopefully, his doctor is the listening kind! Isn't it just something that we have to hope for a doctor who knows what h/er job description should be! We, the patients, should be able to write one for them! And if they don't follow it, don't pay them! Sounds good to me!

If you haven't read the "Federal Register Volume 62 (1997)" Report on "Levothyroxine Sodium", it might be a good idea to do so. Very interesting that our medications are having a problem with consistent potency! I would like to understand why the production of "Levothyroxine Sodium" was allowed to slipped through the cracks of the FDA in 1962 and was not legally bound to FDA regulations for 35 years! I know the facts, but I do not understand why that was allowed to happen! I would also like to understand why the FDA thinks that it should take three more years for these drug companies to get it together! You will find the link in the links section! You will also find some interesting comments on the Support-Group BB over the last week or so!

September 3, 1997

Just when you start to believe all is at peace in your world ~ you decide to install Internet Explorer 4.0 beta2 on your hard drive! That is when the real test comes to see if you truly have gotten over Graveziety! Guess What? NOT YET! Yiker-Doodles! And to think all this time I thought I was doing pretty good too! Well, I will have to say this much ~ I didn't stay spazzed nearly as long as I use to! :) Just a couple hours til I figured out how to do the difficult tasks again ~ like find a website! :)

So, it is getting cold in Ner Yerk already! brrrrrrrrr! I'm not quite ready for this, but I will hazzard a guess that all you Moms and Dads are pleased that the kiddies are going back to school! Well, except for the fact that the price of everything has gone up in direct proportion to how much money you really don't have left to spend on back to school stuff! And necessary accessories like sneakers (Do they still call them that?) that glow in the dark, and pens that write in purple, green, and orange at the same time!

I would like to thank GeoCities for selecting this site as one of their Featured Pages! I'm sure at least a few of you noticed! How could you not? I did everything except put a picture of me in here doing "The I Got It" Dance! :) I feel very pleased and honored to receive this award! Little by little, we're taking on "This War With Graves' Disease" and battle by battle, we're striving to awaken the public to it's potential to harm! We means you and I! I means this site and my gift to gab. :) You means all of you who are here or have been here! Whether you have agreed with what you've read or not, we all seem to agree on one point ~ Graves' Disease needs to be acknowleded for what it is and what it can do! I am grateful to GeoCities for their help in spreading the word!

With that, I will close for this week! Oh, I lost another 4 pounds, and managed to squeeze into a smaller pair of pants! I call it Down-Sizing from my "elephant" pants to my "tub-o-lard" pants! Hey! It's progress! :) Thanks a million, y'all! Your letters and notes keep me going! I'd like to say that I am a bit back-logged on answering right now, but will get to everyone soon! :)
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