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Updates for November 1997
November 26, 1997

Have you ever been at a point in your life where you just know that something really wonderful is right around the corner, only you can't get around the corner to see what it is? Or worse - you get around the corner only to find you didn't have the right corner? That's where I am this week.

I had a dream last night where I was my "old" self. ( as opposed to being my OLD self :) In my dream it wasn't as bad as it really was, of course, else it wouldn't quite be a dream. :) I guess I was trying to cover the high points of what I use to be to try to discover what I might have done to pull myself up by my bootstraps as I use to prior to being taken down by this illness. This experience with Graves' Disease has changed me in ways I don't like. I just want to feel like myself again.

How appropriate that Val sent along her Six Stages of Forgiveness for Val's Views. I read it this morning after the dream. I guess it is a matter of forgiving - mostly myself - for not doing all I felt I should have done. Heck, who do I think I am anyway? Shoopa-Woman? And it is also about placing anger and blame where it belongs so that you can let it go! I use to know how to do that, but with all that has happened to me over the last couple of years, I've allowed myself to go into a "numb stage" ( There's one you left out, Val! :) where I haven't let myself feel much at all because there haven't been too many things that have been worth feeling! If you are lost with what I'm talking about, then you haven't seen Val's Views this week, so you should.

My attitude isn't all just from having Graves' Disease either. At 45+, it's also mid-life crisis time and I'm suppose to be able to spaz and try to take a flying leap into "being" younger! Real hard thing to accomplish after being ill so long and I look like something the cat wouldn't bother dragging in! :) Regardless, I am suppose to have that option! I have earned it and I want it! :) Whew! That's all the spazzing I can take for now! :) Anyhoo, I am determined to find that corner and get around it so I can find my really really wonderful whatever it is that is there! If any of you have the address or even the street names, you can send them along if you wanna. :)

For now, tis me signing off to get ready to prepare a bountiful feast for Thanksgiving. We have a 15 pound turkey for three of us - and one can't eat turkey! Ho-well! Stuff the turkey then stuff the freezer! :)

November 19, 1997

Anyone else from the good old North East of the USA? How much did you get dumped on? That would be snow wise! :) We Upstate Ner Yerkers got around 20 or so inches of snow! That's cause for a celebration! Sure it is! And I, for one, want to celebrate in Florida! :) Hey! If I can celebrate in Florida, I'll celebrate just about anything! :)

Enough Is Enough is moving right along! Lots of new stories and some new links to some of the stories at Dianne's Home Page! Fantastic, I say! It's beginning to look impressive even. :) Still ready, willing, and able to take on as many more stories as y'all can send!

I'm still doing OK, knock on wood! Although I will have to say that with the higher dose of Synthroid, your artificial friend, my PMS is worse and lasting a bit longer than it did a couple months ago. At this moment I want to eat everything in the house and have a complete and utter temper tantrum while doing it! :) Not that I am doing either, mind you! I am being a nicey little person and just chewing my nails up to the third knuckle on my left foot to release the tension! Not an advisable remedy for PMS! :)

So, that be the updates for this week. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and gets to eat lots of food and not gain an ounce! Seriously, though, I do wish every one a bountiful Thanksgiving, and let's not forget what it's all about. I, for one, am very grateful to be living in the USA. It isn't perfect, but it's home!

November 12, 1997

WoW! I'm actually getting my updates done on time this week! :) I hope all of you have had a look see at Val's Views! When I was telling you about it last week I forgot to mention one thing - Val's Views will be a regular feature here at.. at.. hmmm - It use to be My War - but you know what? I'm not alone anymore! :) Shall we now call it Our Personal War With Graves' Disease? Sounds good to me! :)

And again this week, I am still feeling quite up to par! Amazing what a little T-mone will do for you! Now, that is not to be confused with t-bone! :) Quite different, ya know! :) I've spent the last week going on job interviews (summore) and no job yet, but something has to break on that horizon soon! I've also been busily creating a Web Site for a business in Philadelphia, PA. Yeppers! Express Yourself is off the ground! Heck, if you're interested in sneaking a peak at my business site, take a look at Express Yourself. And from there you can see ConsulTRAIN, the business I've been html-ing for :)

I started my business a few months back, but wasn't quite up to launching it until recently when I started feeling a bit better. BTW - thought you should know I cheated a little. The picture I have of me at the site has my goiter edited out! :) And any other little flaws so that I look really really good! And Younger! :) Cool, huh? :)

Oh! Before I forget! My hair is starting to grow back in! It's a little - no.. a lot like baby fuzz, but it's there! Looks really cute with all these little tiny hairs sticking out all over in amongst the long one! :) Tis not a good time to decide to go for that french-braid look, huh? Or, actually, the long sleek look either! Heck, I'm just happy to have some left to comb! :)

November 6, 1997
Welcome Valerie and Val's Views!

Some of you know Valerie McAlister from the Graves' Disease Bulletin Board. Those who know her already have the knowledge that she is a kind and caring human being who's heart is full of love. Those who don't will soon understand her ways and come to welcome her thoughts into their own. She is an inspiration to us all! I'm hoping you all not only enjoy reading her commentaries but will send her words of encouragement! She is a tride and true Warrior to the max! :) You can find the link to Val's Views Premier below!

Now, on a more boring note :) let me tell you about me! Me! Me! Me! :) Whew! Now I'm tired! It's me every morning! Me every evening! Me at suppertime! I'm so sick of me cause I'm around me all the time! :) You can sing that if you like! :)

Actually, I've been doing some singing myself! And spending some time feeling kind of OK once more! Not so tired as I've been. Having bursts of energy now and agin'. Even feel a tad like getting on with life! WoW! And to think I had it in me somewhere but haven't had the foggiest how to bring it out of hiding! Ah! Synthroid, your artificial friend! Somewhere there ought to be a law that for every time our energies trickle-down to low because we've been T-mone-neglected, that we should be able to tap some of that from our beloved physicians so they can have an inkling of what the heck we go through! Yes! I think I'll spend some time in the next few days or so and invent a suck-o-mometer to take with me to my next doctor's appointment! Suck a few of his T-mones out and then ask him to wait it out for two or three months til the next blood test! This could catch on! :)

So, on that note, I will be closing for the week! :) Be sure to visit Val's Views (say that three times real fast:) before you leave! (psst: be sure to let her know that she looks really really great too!:) Well, she should! She's lost 80 pounds! Cooleroonie!

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